Number of agents 550+
Experienced required? No
Joining fee From £2,995
Monthly subscription From £99
Transaction fees £0
% of commission* up to 85%
Paid when After departure
Leads provided No
Training provided Yes, remote, 1 week, covers ‘everything you need to start a travel businesses’
Website provided Yes, customisable + app on some packages
Marketing support Yes
ABTA/ATOL Yes, as part of Hays
Work with any supplier Yes
Exclusive product Sometimes
Number of agents 500+
Experienced required? No
Joining fee From £2,995
Monthly subscription From £99
Transaction fees £0
% of commission* 50%-80%
Paid when After departure
Leads provided Yes
Training provided Yes, remote, 1 week, covers ‘everything you need to start a travel businesses’
Website provided Yes, customisable
Marketing support Yes
Work with any supplier Yes
Exclusive product No

*The percentage of commission earned by the agency which is paid to the homeworker.

Introducing The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel

Since The Travel Franchise launched its franchise operation over 20 years ago, hundreds of people have gone on to launch their own travel business under its customer-facing brand, Not Just Travel.

In 2023 alone, more than 200 new consultants joined the company, with more than one person signing up every day in September and October 2023. Not only had word spread about Not Just Travel consultants taking record bookings every single month, but the company as a whole has been winning prestigious awards.

Having been voted the top homeworking travel agency more than 10 times, and shooting to no.10 in Britain’s best franchise leaderboard beating big brands such as Vodafone, it’s clearly doing something right.

So why does The Travel Franchise stand out so distinctly from its competitors?

It welcomes those new to travel

Around 98% of consultants have never worked in travel before. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, including hairdressers, police officers, NHS workers and teachers, what they bring with them are a host of transferrable skills, a passion for travel and the desire and drive to succeed.

“I have been with The Travel Franchise for just over 10 years and it’s been an incredible journey. We love that we’ve escaped the 9-5 and can travel the world whenever we want.” – Susan & Ian, Travel Consultants since 2013

Training and overseas retreats

Because so many consultants are new to travel – and with three-quarters having never run their own business, The Travel Franchise recognises that training needs to be second-to-none. It all starts with a 10-day induction of pre-recorded short videos that you can watch in your own time, followed by a five-day, online live induction course. Franchisees become consultants at the end of that fifth day and can immediately take bookings – in fact, many take their first booking the very day they complete the course.

“We finished training at 3pm on the Friday and by 4.30pm on the same day we had our first booking… What an amazing feeling!”

– Natasha & James


Of course no one can learn everything in five days! Training is ongoing, with much of the training taking place online and on the company’s overseas mentorship retreats. All Elite franchisees get the chance to attend a Millionaire’s Retreat in a short-haul destination plus a luxury Elite Experience where they not only learn more about the travel industry, they also get to hone their entrepreneurial skills in long-haul destinations such as Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico and Dubai.

In 2022, the company launched its Cruise Division with franchisees able to sign up for optional training to become a Master of Cruise. Every member is invited to attend  a Seminar At Sea, a week-long cruise with onboard training.


“I honestly cannot believe that there is another franchise out there that offers as much training and help as we get. I know it sounds cheesy, but we are really like one big happy family.”

– Raine, Travel Franchisee


On-going support
While each consultant is their own boss, none feel alone. Every consultant is appointed a Business Development Manager (BDM) to mentor and guide them as they grow. Every BDM has a travel industry background – collectively they have over 240 years of experience with Not Just Travel having the best ration of BDMs to consultants in the industry..
What’s more, support comes direct from head office too with a corporate team on hand six days a week to help with admin, marketing and social media. Every consultant gets access to a suite of travel booking IT software, plus their own customisable website.

“12 months in I still cannot believe the value you get. The training, weekly calls, head office support, marketing support, the new landing pages…it’s all just incredible. There isn’t a stand-out highlight, I can only say it’s changed my life.” – Judy, Travel Consultant since 2019

In 2022 the company invested over two million pounds in recruiting talent and technology. In 2023, the investment continued. The NJT WOW Travel Deals App was launched, enabling consultants to send notifications of exclusive deals to their clients and for any bookings to be tracked back to them.


Franchisees have three flexible packages to choose from, starting from just £2,995 +VAT. Agents are able to choose their hours and start their business on their terms, either part time, full time or in their spare time. Elliott succeeded in booking over £70k of holidays in his spare time and in will go full time from January 2024.
Considering all agents need is a laptop and an internet connection, they can work from wherever they choose, be it their home or a hammock on a beach.

Mum Palvi, for example, just aimed to bring in a second income to their household working part time but ended up growing way beyond her targets:

“I love the fact I can work the business around my kids whilst still getting the opportunity to meet new people. I love this part of it!” – Palvi

Money-Back Challenge

The most popular package is the Elite package, costing £14,995 +VAT. USPs of this package include free mentorship retreats (above) plus the Money-Back Challenge. Elite agents who earn a set amount of commission in their first 12 months get their start-up costs (£14,995) fully refunded. Dozens of agents achieve the Challenge every single year, some in as little as six months.

Ben won the Money-Back Challenge and was later voted Travel Agent of the Year in 2023 after selling  just over £329k-worth of holidays in just one month!

“The Travel Franchise offers you everything you need to create a successful travel business and to be your own boss. It’s hard work, but starting a new business is within any sector. The growth in the business and quality of the training and materials you are equipped with really puts you in a superb position to build a fantastic travel business.” – Ben


Industry-leading commission and earning potential

Every consultant is paid commission and with many agents taking bookings of £100,000-plus some are earning £40,000 part time while others make £100k-plus full time.
Some consultants make single big bookings: Ross made a single-family booking worth £76k, while David booked a £150k-plus cruise.

Reshma Aggarwal joined The Travel Franchise during the pandemic, but still sold £1.2m in just 18 months.

If you imagine average commissions of 10 per cent, the earning potential is huge.

 If you want to find out more details visit


When I first inquired I was nervous as I loved travel but had no travel industry experience. I thought the job might be about sales but actually I soon learnt that success is about listening and developing relationships with your clients and suppliers. It’s changed my life. I juggle work around my three young boys but I’m also doing something really amazing: making friends and money.

Reshma Aggarwal

Joined TTF during the pandemic but still sold £1.2m in just 18 months

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