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India has so many iconic sights from the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and the Pink Palaces of Jaipur to its stunning beaches, incredible national parks and lofty tea plantations that it’s high on many a bucket list, but to really get under the skin of this country, to really get to experience India, your clients need to be guided by an expert.

As well as showing them all the many must-see attractions, an expert guide will take your clients off the well-trodden tourist trail to rarely visited areas for some really authentic cultural experiences.

“We’ve been working with the same destination management company since we started selling India in 2013 because they employ local, award-winning licensed guides, all of whom are real experts,” said Pippa Butcher, Product Manager of small group tours specialist Jules Verne.

“With an expert guide, your clients can expect the unexpected, they’ll take them for experiences they didn’t even know were possible, such as visiting the ashram in Rajaji National Park where the Beatles wrote many of their songs,” she added.

Tamil women collecting tea leaves in Kerala

India is one of the top destinations for Jules Verne. That includes sales that come through travel agents, since the operator started partnering with retailers a little over a year ago.

“India has so much to offer, so many diverse experiences and attractions that it can be daunting building an itinerary, it can hard knowing what to include and what to leave out, but we’ve done all the hard work for agents and created some amazing itineraries, and for those who want a more bespoke element, there’s the option of extensions too,” added Pippa.

Jules Verne has three new stunning tours of India to add to its collection for 2025. Ideal for first-time visitors, is a 15-night India North to South tour, travelling from the vibrant cities of northern India to the peaceful spice plantations of the south. 

“People are sometimes overwhelmed by the thought of travelling around India, but in fact travelling long distance is fascinating as you see such dramatic changes in scenery, from built-up cities to lush countryside and bustling villages,” said Pippa.

She pointed out that the Delhi Mumbai Expressway, which should be completed this summer, has made travel from north to south much faster. “Also, there’s no need to worry about people hanging out of over-crowded trains, that doesn’t happen anymore, our guests all travel in a class that guarantees a seat.”

Another new tour from Jules Verne is A Journey through Rural Rajasthan, including dinner in the desert, a river safari and trips to little-known villages, while the third new addition for 2025 is a 14-night Varanasi, Darjeeling and Himalayas tour, which takes clients from sunset at the Taj Mahal to sunrise at Everest.

Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

“India offers so much diversity, so many possibilities, it’s one of the reasons it’s always been one of our top three destinations,” said Jules Verne Business Development Manger Abbey Renshaw.

While the operator has an average of 10 to 15 clients on its small group tours, friends and families also have the option of a private tour with their own guide. The operator is also a good choice for solo female travellers since on some tours they can reserve their own room at no additional supplement.

To find out more about Jules Verne, part of Kuoni Travel since 1998, you can join its Facebook page Jules Verne Agents, visit VJV.com, and tune into its podcast, Passepartout People & Places.

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