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For any travel company that sell flights, either as part of a wider travel arrangement or on their own, Paxport offers a tailored solution.

The travel technology business specialises in airline distribution to travel resellers of all shapes, sizes and specialities. 

Simon Taylor

Paxport Head of Sales and Account Management Simon Taylor says: “It’s our job to connect the travel industry with must-have airline content, making sourcing of flight data and content simple and efficient for our travel customers.”

Many Paxport clients are already benefiting from being connected to Paxport’s flight aggregation platform and Travel Gossip asked Simon to explain more.

What does Paxport do?

Through strong airline relationships and extensive expertise in managing complex airline technology, Paxport aggregates and delivers a wide range of airline schedules through one single product, PaxFaB (Find and Book).

We are a team of travel experts with a common passion for travel and the industry we love to be part of, which shines through in everything we do.  Our approach is one of partnership, understanding our clients’ challenges and finding the right solution for them.

How do you make it easier for companies selling travel?

Paxport-connected travel businesses benefit from instant access to leading low-cost carriers, a wide range of flight consolidators, as well as a growing number of full-service carriers.

One size doesn’t fit all and no two travel companies are the same.  This is something we keep in mind when we start to help our clients with their technology. 

Available through an easy-to-use agency desktop solution, our long-established API and via numerous partnerships with travel technology businesses, our technology facilitates the air shopping experience to find the best flights.

How does what you do help companies gain a competitive edge?

Our products are scalable to fit any size of travel business. Whether leisure or business focused, online or offline.

Sourcing flight content can often be challenging for the travel industry community.  We’ve all been there – different sales channels for different airlines, an ever-growing number of fare types, fare families and ancillaries to choose from.  It can be a difficult landscape to navigate, when all you want to do is connect your customers to the best deals. 

Low-cost carriers in particular often encourage their official channels, but these vary greatly in terms of access, ease of use and features.  This can lead to time consuming sourcing of availability and fares and lost opportunities.

Paxport takes the complexity away by allowing users to instantly compare a wide range of flights within seconds, finding the best fares available in the market. 

Any other benefits?

We don’t just help with finding flights, we take an end-to-end technology approach to provide travel companies and their clients with a seamless booking experience, creating new revenue streams and making sure customers find what they are looking for.

All Paxport products and solutions can be bundled together into one seamless workflow. 

This can include our advanced flight cache technology, which delivers highly accurate and comprehensive flight data.  It could also mean that we take care of airline payments with our award-winning digital payment, platform Pax2Pay.

It can also be the little touches that make the difference. Our platform also allows our clients to book a wide variety of airline ancillaries, from using our interactive seat maps, to adding luggage, meals and sports equipment, all in one place without the need to do so manually.

In short, travel companies that are struggling with simplifying their flight offering and sourcing processes can benefit from being connected to the market-leading flight aggregation platform. 

We really can help you with a tailor-made range of services to help your business grow.  

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And contact Simon Taylor at: [email protected]

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