Teletext ‘disappointed’ by CMA court action, saying it’s already refunded £10.8m

By Lisa James
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Teletext Holidays says it has refunded £10.8 million to customers affected by COVID cancellations so far and owes a further £1.2 million.

In a statement responding to Monday’s announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority that it was starting court proceedings against parent company Truly Travel, Teletext said:

“The company is working as hard as it can and continues to process the remaining refunds due under the Package Travel Regulations to our remaining customers, and as such is very disappointed by the latest action by the CMA.”

It added: “As of 11 October 2021, we owe £1.2 million towards historic and ongoing cancellations and have refunded over £10.8 million.

“We have engaged in constructive dialogue with the CMA  and continue to vigorously pursue any strategy agreed with the CMA.

“The company continues to urge customers who are due a refund under the Package Travel Regulations but have not received it, to contact us directly from their registered email address (which was used to make their booking) on with their booking reference number. If we need more information, we will request it.”

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