Tales from the Secret Agent: The mince pie

By Lisa James
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All is quiet and I’m just about to close up and tuck into a mince pie. It’s been a busy day and, after just returning from my own holiday, I’m feeling a little tired. But I decide to wait a few minutes, just in case anyone else comes in.

Immediately, my peace is shattered.

“Where have you been?” screeches an older woman, as she barrels through the office door, dragging the biggest shopping bag on wheels I’ve ever seen.

“Excuse me?” I say, putting my mince pie back into its foil case and out of view.

“I came up three times last week,” she tells me. “And you weren’t here.”

“I was away on holiday,” I inform her, wondering whether it’s a dead body, or something else, in her shopping bag.

I advise her that, as always, there’s a clear sign on the door and the phones are on divert.

“Well, that’s all well and good,” she says. “But I needed to urgently get some prices for Italy. It can’t wait.”

I decide to see if I can help her with her urgent trip and it dawns on me she has brought the shopping trolley with her as it’s full of her holiday gear and she wants to head off to the airport as soon as we are finished.

But no. Of course, this ‘urgent’ enquiry is for December 2024! Could have had that mince pie after all…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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