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By Lisa James
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We get a call asking if we can do an out-of-hours appointment around 7pm that evening for a couple looking to book their honeymoon.

Seven o’clock comes around and I’m greeted by a couple who arrive holding hands. It all starts well. A week in Hawaii is the destination of choice, with a few nights in California for good measure.

“Money’s no object,” I’m informed, when I ask about a budget. “It’s more about what Sandra wants,” I’m told.

Brochures come out and Sandra’s pointing at luxury five-star hotels on the islands.

“We were thinking we might go first class as it’s our honeymoon – you know, push the boat out, so to speak,”  she adds.

“No problem,” I tell her. “And why not treat yourself!”

The trip of their lifetime is put together and their faces light up when they see the luxury hotels, first class cabins with flat beds and private car transfers.

Their faces take a slightly different view when they see the price. I reckon that, if I had two toilet seats to put around their necks, they would have won the Scunthorpe gurning competition with no effort.

It turns out that, while Sandra has rather grand ideas, Barry’s having none of it . “It’s a bit more than we wanted to spend,” he tells me.

“No problem,” I reply. “How much were you hoping to spend?” I gingerly ask, thinking if we downgrade the flights to business class we might come in nearer their expectations.

No such luck and, with the budget finally revealed, a seven-night stay in Sharm El Sheikh is booked and paid for.

Time for a large wine or six…

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