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By Lisa James
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The phone rings and I’m greeted with: “We are at the hotel but there’s no breakfast.”

The lady on the other end obviously thinks she’s my only client as I have no idea who she is, so further investigation is needed.

“Can I take your name?” I ask. Name provided, I quickly work out it’s a client who’s on a cheap deal to Krakow. A quick look at her booking shows she does indeed have a continental breakfast included and I advise I will find out what’s gone wrong and get back to her shortly.

“Well, don’t be long as breakfast finishes in 20 minutes,” she barks down the phone at me.

Assuring her I will get back to her before the breakfast runs out, I hang up and decide the quickest form of action is to phone the hotel myself.

One quick call later and I’m assured that they do, indeed, have breakfast included, with a wide range of cold meats, breads, juice etc – the standard fare of a continental breakfast. But the client is demanding all sorts – including, but not exclusively, eggs benedict.

I call the client back and advise her that breakfast is covered but, as per her hotel voucher, it’s a continental breakfast, not a fry up at Greasy Joe’s.

I can hear the disappointment in her voice as she tells me Liam won’t be happy as he ‘likes to get his full English in to start the day’ and she thought continental breakfast just meant ‘breakfast on the continent’.

Some people really shouldn’t have a passport…   

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