Six in 10 ‘will fly less’ after getting COVID vaccination

By Lisa James
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Nearly 60% of adults say they intend to fly less after being vaccinated against COVID, with fears over spreading new variants of the virus among the top concerns, according to Sky News.

A survey of nearly 500 people found 58% would fly ‘less’ or ‘much less’ in the future and 77% said concerns over COVID might put them off flying.

Of those aiming to fly less, 73% are over 60.

Dr Ed Atkins, lecturer in the School of Geographical Sciences, who led the study, said: “This survey aims to provide early insights into how the pandemic might affect their attitudes towards flying and the frequency with which they plan to do so going forward.

“This has important consequences for the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this sector for their jobs and livelihoods.”

Climate change was also a top reason for people wanting to reduce their number of flights, with 83% believing their personal use of air travel contributes to climate change.

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