‘Do your job and sort out travel,’ Shapps is told

By Lisa James
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Grant Shapps has been told to ‘get on with the job’ after being retained as Transport Secretary in the Cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Shapps tweeted on Wednesday evening to say he was ‘delighted to be reappointed’ to the role, leading to a deluge of comments telling him to get on with sorting out travel.

“Start doing your job,” said one; “Hurry up and announce the travel updates,” another commented, while a third said: “Do a bloody travel update.”

One tweet said: “Delighted for you. Now please give people the next travel update and ideally scrap the ridiculous traffic light system and overpriced testing nonsense.”

Another accused Mr Shapps of ‘blowing his own trumpet’ rather than sorting out travel.

Mr Shapps was also urged to ‘save the UK’s aviation industry’ and ‘get on with the job of announcing the travel review’.

Members of the travel industry are among those who have added comments, with one warning jobs are at risk when furlough ends at the end of this month: “OK so crack on with the job then, start by getting on the blower to @POTUS to sort out the transatlantic travel ban. Furlough ends in 2 weeks, jobs are at risk,” a commenter urged.

Another described the appointment as ‘a great pity for the thousands who work in the aviation/travel industry’.

Another tweeted: “Congratulations on keeping your job – when so many in the industry you’re meant to support have lost theirs. Do your job, sort out aviation and the ludicrous travel policies you have in place.”

One agent said: “Grant Shapps, so you get to keep your job, now how about saving mine and countless others in the travel industry? Have a word with Rishi Sunak and extend furlough so that we can still exist in 2022.”

Another said: “Any tips on how to keep your job? Your ongoing ludicrous travel policies are making it harder for me and my colleagues to keep ours.”

Mr Shapps was also urged to: “Give an update about your lack of progress for the UK US taskforce. 3 months you’ve had to at least advise us you’ve made no progress.”

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