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By Linsey McNeill
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LBC presenter Nick Ferrari repeatedly urged his listeners to book with a travel agent this morning after Advantage CEO Julia Lo Bue-Said was invited on his popular breakfast show to discuss the UK’s new travel testing regime.

Mr Ferrari asked her to explain what holidaymakers need to do to travel in the light of the Government’s switch from expensive PCRs to cheaper Lateral Flows for Day 2 testing.

After giving an outline of the rules for travel from and to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Ms Bue-Said added: “It’s very complicated still depending on where in the UK you are living.”

With a groan, Mr Ferrari said: “If there is any benefit to come out of this horrific scenario we have all endured for 20 months, do you think it will be the renaissance of travel agents, because I am urging everybody now, go to a travel agent, speak to an expert, don’t do it all online.”

He said he had been at an airport where ‘one poor soul’ didn’t have proof of his vaccination, and he said had travelled with the CEO of ‘a number of City companies’ who didn’t know how to get on a plane these days.

“Don’t you think that people will return to experts after all this?” he asked Ms Bue-Said.

She replied that he had ‘made my morning and the morning of 3,000 travel agents across the UK’.

She added: “It is very complicated and they [agents] provide a full end-to-end service. It’s only unfortunately when things go wrong that you start to think I wish I’d booked with a professional. There is too much to think about, too many different scenarios, so yes, book with a travel agent.”

Mr Ferrari, who’s breakfast show attracts hundreds of thousands of listeners every day, added: “Go to a professional.”

You can listen to the interview here:

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