Jet2holidays praised for decision not to sell tickets to marine parks with captive whales and dolphins

By Lisa James
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Jet2holidays has changed its policy change over selling tickets to marine parks that use captive cetaceans as entertainment.

From today, the operator will no longer sell tickets to venues that feature orcas, whales and dolphins in shows, although existing bookings will still go ahead.

Jet2holidays said: “A key driver of our success is the fact that we continually review every element of our operation, and as part of that process we encourage and welcome feedback from a range of stakeholders. This has enabled us to build an award-winning business which, as well as leading the industry for customer service, is also the UK’s largest tour operator. 

“Consequently, and following a thorough end-to-end review, we can confirm that Jet2holidays will no longer sell tickets to venues which feature cetaceans (orcas, whales and dolphins) for entertainment. This comes into effect from 27/03/2024 however we can confirm that all existing bookings will be honoured.”

Laura Featonby, owner at Laura’s Travel Village, said: “I’m delighted that Jet2holidays has become the latest major tour operator in the UK to confirm it will stop selling tickets for marine parks and captive cetaceans.

“As a travel business I want to take steps to become a responsible business and as travellers, encourage being more eco-friendly.”

Laura said she stopped selling tickets to animal attractions several years ago after she visited a venue in Florida and was upset by the ‘entertainment’.

Jet2holidays’ policy change comes two weeks after easyJet holidays committed to only offering experiences that don’t threaten the welfare or conservation of animals.

Last year, former Smiths frontman Morrissey urged Jet2holidays CEO Steve Heapy to end the tour operator’s association with marine parks that include orca and dolphin shows.

Katheryn Wise, Wildlife Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection said: “We are delighted that Jet2holidays has stepped up for wildlife and stopped supporting the intensely cruel captive dolphin industry. These intelligent, sentient animals are sentenced to a life in barren tanks too small for them to engage in natural behaviours and have been exploited for decades for the sake of profit. Wild animals belong in the wild, not in captivity for our entertainment. 

“As both the tourist industry and the public become increasingly aware of the suffering of captive cetaceans tour operators have a responsibility to stop driving demand for these cruel attractions. As one of the dwindling number of travel giants still refusing to end their support for dolphin suffering Tui Group singles itself out as one of the last big tour operators in the UK market, still putting profit over animal welfare.”

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