EU countries put expiry date on vaccinated travellers

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By Linsey McNeill
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A handful of EU countries have announced they will only allow access to fully vaccinated holidaymakers for up to nine months after they received their second dose.

Green-listed Austria and Croatia and the Netherlands, which is on the UK’s amber travel list, are among those countries to have put an expiry date on vaccines for international travel.

All three countries say they only consider arrivals to be fully vaccinated for up to 270 days after they receive their second dose.

By early June this year, half of all British adults had received both doses, which means that, under current restrictions, the latest they’ll be able to travel to countries that have put a nine-month expiry date on the fully vaccinated is February 2022.

Brits who were amongst the earliest to be vaccinated could be barred from travel several months earlier. Some people – mainly the elderly – were fully vaccinated by the end of December 2020, which means their vaccines will be out of date by the end of September 2021.

Meanwhile there have been reports that the UK Government is considering whether to continue to allow double-jabbed Brits to skip quarantine when they return from amber countries once booster jabs are available.

It has announced it plans to begin offering boosters of the COVID vaccine from next month, beginning with the most vulnerable groups including the elderly.

The Government hasn’t yet said it will be able to offer boosters to the remaining over 50s, many of whom were double jabbed by this spring.

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