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By Lisa James
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EasyJet holidays has confirmed it is reviewing its commission policy on cancellations amid the current flight disruption.

The operator also said it’s looking at how it can ‘better respond’ after coming in for criticism for the way it’s handled the ongoing situation.

As it currently stands, if the operator needs to cancel a holiday, agents must refund customers their full holiday cost, including commission.

But easyJet holidays told Travel Gossip it is reviewing its policy when it comes to on-the-day cancellations – though it appears the current policy will remain for all other holiday cancellations.

EasyJet holidays said: “For the rare occasions that we do need to cancel a customer’s holiday on the day of departure due to operational disruption, we’re currently reviewing our position on travel agent commission, and will be in direct contact with our relevant trade partners shortly.”

The operator added it offers a generous holiday change policy and the majority of trade customers have been able to get away on holiday, meaning agents do receive their commission.

However, many agents have complained that customers have not been getting the help they need when their return flights are cancelled.

EasyJet holidays said: “We’re really sorry to our customers whose holidays have been impacted by the recent flight disruption.

“Whilst it’s a very small number, we understand the frustration caused and continuously look at how we can better respond in these unfortunate situations, both with our trade partners and direct customers.

“In fast moving situations such as this, it’s always our top priority to get in touch with our customers directly in the first instance, to ensure they have accurate and timely information. We also share these communications with our trade agent partners, to ensure they are updated and have visibility.”

One agent told Travel Gossip she spent the last day of her own overseas holiday trying to help out clients whose easyJet return flight from Sicily to Gatwick was cancelled on Sunday.

She and her agency cover managed to book the family of four on standby for a later flight but when they arrived at check in, only three family members were able to board and the dad had to stay behind.

“There was nothing from easyJet holidays – no vouchers, no food, no hotel and no info on what the father would do,” she said.

“We eventually managed to get him on the Monday flight and I advised he best talk to someone on the easyJet flight his wife was on so he could get a hotel. The easyJet staff from the flight managed to sort this in the end and he had somewhere to stay and got the flight home the next day.

“It wasn’t the fact that the flight was cancelled that angered me. It was that we had no communication at all – and seeing as it was a complete package by easyJet holidays, it’s appalling.

“If I had packaged the flight myself with our hotels, then our duty office would be able to help and they were 24/7 advising clients on what to do.”

She added: “I sell a lot of easyJet holidays packages from Gatwick and I am now concerned for my future bookings – and I have loads.”

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