Cruise line apologises for censoring bloggers and pledges to introduce new policy for filming onboard

Bloggers censored on MSC
By Linsey McNeill
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MSC Cruises is to work with two high-profile bloggers to create a new policy for content creators onboard after the pair were banned from filming on MSC World Europa.

The couple, who run the Youtube channel Cruise with Ben and David were told by a butler on the top deck of the ship’s prestigious Yacht Club that they couldn’t film during the cruise, which they’d paid for themselves.

They posted a video on their popular Youtube channel, which has 250,000 subscribers, showing how they were ‘abruptly’ stopped by the crew member while they were getting video footage for a ship review. 

Speaking from their cabin on MSC World Europa, Ben and David said they have always been ‘very very discreet’ filming onboard cruise ships and always tried not to get other people’s faces in their videos.

They said they ‘always try to go under the radar’ so they were ‘really really shocked’ to be censored onboard.

They said they were only told to stop filming three days into the cruise after several managers on the ship had asked them what they were doing and they’d shown them their Youtube channel. The staff member told them they were banned from all filming, including taking footage and photos of themselves.

The pair said the only other time they had been told off for filming was on MSC Virtuosa, an incident which they said had made them unwilling to cruise with the line again for several years.

However, MSC has since apologised to Ben and David for the latest incident and offered to refund the cost of their cruise.

It has also invited them to work with the cruise line to create a new policy for content creators.

In a statement, it said: “MSC Cruises reached out to Ben and David to personally apologise for the incident aboard MSC World Europa. We’ve offered them the opportunity to work together in crafting a new policy for content creators onboard, which they warmly welcomed.

“They also welcomed the news that we are rolling out further crew training on this area.”

Ben and David posted a message on their Youtube channel saying they are ‘pleased MSC Cruises are taking this very seriously’.

They confirmed they will be collaborating with the cruise line on a new policy for content creators filming and taking pictures onboard.

“This policy aims to support both invited and non-invited content creators while safeguarding the comfort and privacy of passengers and crew,” they said. “We think this marks a significant step forward, as no other cruise line has undertaken such an effort before.”

Photo taken from Cruise with Ben & David Youtube channel

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