Agent went ‘above and beyond’ for customers during COVID

By Linsey McNeill
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Cheryl Henderson of Munro’s Travel in Aberdeen has been crowned Individual Travel Agent of the Year 2021 in the Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association (SPAA) annual awards. 

Cheryl, who is Head of Business Travel, has worked at Munro’s for 17 years, starting as Business Travel Consultant.

The award was given to a travel professional ‘who could demonstrate going above and beyond during COVID for customers’. 

Nominations for the title were made by managers or colleagues.

Murray Burnett, Managing Director of Munro’s Travel, was one of those who nominated Cheryl. He said she ‘remained resolute, compassionate and utterly committed throughout the darkest days of COVID and worked tirelessly on behalf of our clients and staff’.

He added: “There are many examples of her bravery which include working for days and nights to support a stranded marine crew and making it her personal mission to get them all home.

“They had been at sea for 10 months and one particular crew member’s father only had hours to live.

“Cheryl was unwavering throughout the pandemic and a rock to so many of her colleagues, travellers, family and friends. She’s a much-valued colleague and we are all delighted at her national recognition.”

Cheryl said: “This may be an individual award, but it is really an award for Munros Travel. I’ve grown up with the firm and it has nurtured and developed my passion for travel. Even though the last 18 months have been the most challenging ever for travel professionals, my heart lies in travel and always will.”

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