Heathrow offers discounted home-testing kits to passengers

By Lisa James
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Government-listed provider Qured has launched a discounted COVID-19 home-testing service for Heathrow passengers.

Passengers arriving in the UK will be able to book at-home rapid antigen LFD tests at a 10% discount, when applying the code HEATHROW10 on the Qured website.

Discounted prices for the rapid antigen tests start at £35.10. Qured also offers PCR tests and aims to provide results within 24 hours. Discounted PCRs start at £62.10.

The rapid antigen test kits can be ordered to any UK address and are designed to be portable so they can be taken abroad, in preparation for passengers’ return to the UK.

The tests are remotely overseen by a certified health advisor via a scheduled video call. The health advisor will guide the customer through taking a nose swab and processing the sample. Results are verified within two hours, and customers who test negative can download a Fit to Fly certificate.

Fit to Fly PCR home test kits will need to be sent to a laboratory for processing. Customers using these tests will need to log into their Qured account to activate the kit, whch acts as a tracking tool for when the sample is sent to the lab for testing.

The sample can be posted using Royal Mail or Qured’s courier service, depending on the passenger location. Qured aims to provide results within 36 hours of the sample being checked into the lab for processing.

Heathrow Process Improvement Director Mark Burgess said: “Qured’s low-cost and easy-to-use test kits will make a big difference to those looking to get away this summer, especially now that all Heathrow passengers will get an additional 10% discount.”

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