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By Lisa James
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The JG Travel Group has launched a ‘Golden Ticket’ agent incentive offering the chance to win Northern Lights flights.

Between now and 25 February all agent bookings for Just Go! Holidays and National Holidays will be entered into a weekly draw to win a Golden Ticket. Each winning ticket can be redeemed for two seats on one of the group’s Northern Lights flight experiences in 2024 from range of regional airports.

Trade Sales Manager Claire Dutton (pictured with Partnerships Administrator Chris Abgaosi) said: “We wanted to do something different this year by incentivising agents with an unforgettable experience for two. Every booking across both brands will be entered into the draw, so the more bookings agents make, the more chances there are to win.

“Our evening flight experiences in search of the Northern Lights are accompanied by astronomer Pete Lawrence who has appeared regularly on the BBC’s Sky At Night programme. Flying high above the clouds, away from light pollution on the ground and any potential bad weather, these flights offer the maximum opportunities to view the stars, constellations and hopefully the illusive Aurora Borealis.”

The incentive will run for a total of eight weeks with a prize awarded each week.

Agents who win a Golden Ticket will be notified by email, with details of departure airport and date options.

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