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By Lisa James
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Typically Holidays is offering to help feed agents’ families during the cost-of-living crisis with a new booking incentive.

Agents making any booking with the trade-only specialist will get a £10 Just East voucher. The voucher value will rise to £25 for bookings over £5,000 and to £50 for bookings over £10,000.

Managing Director Daniele Broccoli said: “We are a family business, so we know what it’s like to put food on the table when times are hard.

“With food and other prices going up, I just thought: ‘Let’s help feed the family’.

“Everyone has Just Eat on their phone these days. They can spend it on a pizza for the family, or for a takeaway at the office or even use it to order groceries from the local shop or supermarket.

“If agents do a big booking, that’s a £50 voucher, which will be sent automatically – there’s no need to log it with us.”

The ‘feed the family’ incentive runs from now until 28 February 2023.

The incentive, launched yesterday, has already received the thumbs up from many agents after Typically posted about the offer on Travel Gossip’s Facebook group, with agents calling it ‘a fantastic idea’ and a ‘brilliant incentive’.

ABTA Lifeline highlighted cost-of-living concerns among travel colleagues at this week’s Travel Convention, with Chair Derek Jones saying: “Front-line travel isn’t massively well paid, a lot of people live on credit and can sustain it when a salary is coming in but when it isn’t, people can tip over the edge frighteningly quickly.”

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