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By Lisa James
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Brand USA has announced more details of this year’s mega fam trip, which will see 60 agents jetting off on a multi-state educational.

The fam trip is open to all agents from the UK and Ireland who log bookings made with sponsors American Airlines and British Airways as well as complete some online training.

Each logged entry will be entered into a draw for a place on the fam.

Winners will then be offered a place on one of the following educationals:

Western Wonders: SoCal Sights and Deserts – California and Arizona
Western Gems: Coasts and Mountains – California and Nevada
Southern Hospitality: Culture and Charm – Georgia & Alabama 
Midwest Magic: City Skylines and Great Lakes – Illinois & Michigan
East Coast Exploration: History and Harbors – Washington DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania
Navigating the Northeast: Cities and Quaint Towns – Massachusetts & Connecticut

After that, everyone will meet up for the grand finale in a city, which has not yet been revealed.

There is still time to log bookings and be in with a chance to win a place.

Bookings need to be logged via this form and agents also need to complete the Mega Fam airlines badge here.

The mega fam will take place from 19-27 April 2023.

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