Heathrow plans to cut landing charges for domestic flights

By Lisa James
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Heathrow is planning financial incentives for regional carriers in a bid to boost the number of connecting flights from other UK airports to the London hub.

Airport bosses have been speaking to regional airlines to find ways to make it easier for domestic routes to come into the airport and one idea is to offer them cheaper landing charges next year.

The plan was revealed in an update from Heathrow this morning, where the airport announced it is gearing up for its busiest Christmas since 1999.

In the announcement, Heathrow said: “We are delighted to welcome new airlines such as Loganair and India’s Vistara, which strengthen Heathrow’s role in connecting all of Britain to the growing markets of the world.  We are proposing changes to our landing charges for 2023 which will support more connections to the UK’s regions and nations.”

A Heathrow spokesman told Travel Gossip: “We remain committed to supporting domestic routes so that all corners of the country can benefit from the connectivity of a thriving UK hub airport.

“To support this, we are proposing discounts to our 2023 charges to small aircraft with low-load factors, making it cheaper for the typical aircraft used on smaller domestic routes, and easier for new domestic routes to establish at Heathrow.”

More details are expected to be revealed before the New Year.

Heathrow also reiterated there would not be a return to capacity cuts this Christmas, saying: “We have been working with airlines and their ground handlers to prepare for the Christmas peak, and have a good plan, which will not require any capacity cap.”

The airport has not yet revealed what is in the plan.

Meanwhile, Heathrow urged everyone to put passengers first during the festive season.

“We are aware of potential strike action at a number of organisations, including a national Border Force strike. We are supporting organisations on contingency plans to minimise any impact, and encourage all parties to put the interests of passengers first,” the airport said.

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