Fam Trips – Trade Promotion

Travel agent fam trips are expensive and time-consuming – and they are over in a flash!

Travel Gossip will help you squeeze as much value as possible from your investment by providing high-impact marketing and support for your fam trip, pre, during and afterwards.

Maximise the ROI of your fam trips

  • Travel agent selection – we will host and promote a trade competition landing page (example) to attract interest from travel agents and we can assist with shortlisting too
  • Pre-trip buzz – we will promote your travel agent fam trip before departure to 1000s of travel agents; highlighting trip inclusions and fam trip winners
  • Fam trip attendance – we will join you for your entire trip to capture content and deliver live coverage and assist your team as required
  • Live coverage – We will deliver a huge amount of fam trip coverage and promote to 1000s of travel agents including Facebook live interviews and show-rounds, Instagram Stories, daily photo round-ups, sharing travel agent fam trip content in our Facebook group.
  • Editorial – We cover fam trips on our website and emails and produce a range of partner features.
  • Post-trip coverage – We will promote a series of ‘best of’ content on return from your fam trip to 1000s of agents

Fam trip case study – ITC Experience 2020

In July 2020, Inspiring Travel Company (ITC) took a group of UK travel agents to Spain to stay at the famous Marbella Club.

The purpose of the trip was to showcase the venue and highlight how travel had been impacted by COVID19 restrictions.

Travel Gossip worked with ITC to raise awareness of the trip before departure and Travel Gossip’s Bruce Martin joined the trip and shared live content throughout.

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Winners post & pre-departure buzz

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Departure day coverage

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