Travel Gossip Facebook Group Rules

Last Updated: 19th June 2022

The Travel Gossip Facebook group continues to grow and so it is important that we set a few house rules and guidelines to help avoid any annoyances, upset or legal issues.

By being a member of the Travel Gossip Facebook Group, you agree to abide by our Group Rules below.

Please note: a brief version each of these Rules is listed on the Travel Gossip Facebook group here:

1 Be nice

Insults, bad language, personal attacks or mean comments will be not tolerated and may result in you being suspended or banned from the group.

If someone else’s post annoys you, roll your eyes and scroll on!

2 Asking for help

Feel free to ask anything travel-related – but please use the ‘search’ function in the group to see if the question has been asked before or use Google in case you can find what you are looking for there.

If you have an issue with a supplier, please ensure you have tried to resolve the situation directly with them via phone or their social media channels.  Please use Travel Gossip as a last resort.

3 Respect the community

We will remove anyone found sharing Travel Gossip Facebook group posts outside of the group or publishing negative comments elsewhere on the internet relating to Travel Gossip, group posts, group members or Travel Gossip admins or moderators.

4 Quality Control

Please keep on topic and only post about travel industry-related subjects.
We monitor the group and remove posts and comments which we do not feel should be in the group, such as:

  • non travel-related posts
  • charity appeals (sorry, with thousands of members, if we allowed charity appeals the group newsfeed would be swamped)
  • shouty posts (posts written in CAPITALS with loads of !!!!)
  • duplicate posts (someone’s already posted it or something very similar)
  • consternation posts (posts that just wind people up and serve no purpose)
  • unavailable posts (if you share a post into the group which is not public then it will not show up properly in the group)
  • Inteletravel posts (see #9)
  • posts from other travel trade Facebook groups
  • personal attacks on fellow travel professionals
  • irrelevant or weak posts (sure, some posts ARE travel-related however they can sometimes be quite tenuous and/or dull so we may remove them)
  • over-promotion from suppliers (see #6)
  • posts which are potentially defamatory/libellous
  • posts which go against Facebook’s Community Standards
  • posts which contain files or links to potentially risky content (viruses, fake news, scams, explicit material etc)
  • posts which encourage ‘naming and shaming’ or organised ‘pile-ons’ or boycotts
    any other posts that we deem to go against the interests of Travel Gossip and it’s owner Ginger Juice Ltd or its group members

We reserve the right to remove any post or comment we deem unsuitable for the group.

We also request that members use the ‘report to admin’ function on posts when they believe a post or comment should be looked at by Admin.

5 Keep it legal

Opinions are great but please avoid making comments that are false or could land you in trouble such as false statements and sharing personal data. You are responsible for your own posts and comments that you make or share in this Facebook group (and indeed on all social and digital platforms).

Please be aware that if you make false statements about companies or individuals online then your comments may be seen as defamatory if the claimant can prove your post/comment has caused ‘serious harm’ to their reputation under the 2013 Defamation Act, and they may choose to seek damages.

By posting in Travel Gossip you acknowledge that you are responsible for any material that you post in the group and that you may be personally liable to any third party that suffers harm as a result.  You also agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Travel Gossip Ltd, our successors and assigns, our directors, trustees, offices, employees and agents from and against all liabilities, claims, losses, costs, damages and expenses including legal fees which are reasonably incurred by us should an legal action be taken against you as a result of post(s) or comment(s) you have made in the Travel Gossip Facebook group.

Ginger Juice Ltd runs the Travel Gossip Facebook group as an open forum and does not pre-approve posts.  We have no role in the proactive publication of posts and are therefore not liable for anything that you post, comment or share.  All posts and comments are the individual views of the original poster and are not the expressed views of Ginger Juice Ltd.

However, we recognise that we do have a duty of care to take action if we are made aware of something potentially problematic (via the reporting function in the group).  Travel Gossip is a community-moderated forum; with on average 2,000+ posts a month and 15,000+ comments a month in the we rely on the help of members to alert us to any potentially problematic posts.

6 Commercial promotion

Travel Gossip is free to join and free to use.  You can post any promotional post (offers, jobs, webinars, events, company news) into the Group for free – but only one promotional post per week per brand. (note: historically, the ruling was once per fortnight but during the current pandemic we have made it once per week)

Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about paid-for promotional services
Please add your events to Travel Industry Events List (P;ease do not add events via the Events section in the group)

7 No Solicitation

Members should not use Travel Gossip to target other members to join their business, organisation or consortium via private message or mass-befriending via Facebook. Members are welcome to post public messages to encourage people to join their organisation (as per #6 above).

8 Right to Reply 

Company representatives are welcome to reply to any relevant posts.  We are happy to advise on how to handle particular situations and will on a case-by-case basis decide to take proactive action to fairly manage a situation.  Such action may include turning off comments, deleting posts or comments, allowing suppliers to post a non-commentable update etc.

9 Who can join?

The Travel Gossip Facebook group is for everyone in travel based in the UK & Republic of Ireland. This includes travel agents and supplier staff plus other people who work in recruitment agencies, marketing agencies, law firms, tourism boards, PR & representation companies, travel associations, event providers, airlines, airports, attractions etc.

Retired travel staff and people ‘between travel jobs’ are welcome in Travel Gossip.

We also welcome university and college lecturers who teach travel and tourism as we fully support closer relationships between the travel industry and academia to generate greater understanding of careers, opportunities and challenges in travel. Please see ITT Future You for more info

We may, on a case-by-case basis – allow people to join from outside of UK & Ireland.

We are currently allowing Inteletravel agents to be a member of the group on a trial basis. We do not allow members to share Inteletravel agent post screenshots into Travel Gossip. Such posts will be removed.
If you believe someone is a member of Travel Gossip that should not be please inform us

We are sorry but employees of competitor travel trade media businesses are no longer allowed to join.

10 Your posts and the outside world

Travel Gossip is a closed group for British and Irish travel industry people only.
However, please keep in mind that anything you post has the potential to reach thousands of Travel Gossip members; your peers, suppliers and travel journalists and people OUTSIDE of the group.   We do not condone people sharing screenshots of your posts to the outside world but this may happen.

Travel Gossip also runs a news service, delivery daily travel news updates to the travel trade. We may use stories and comments originating from the Travel Gossip group to share on public platforms such as our website, email and social media, but we will always seek your permission before using any comments.

We also allow other travel trade press and mainstream travel press into the group on the understanding that they cannot share stories from the group without first seeking permission from the original poster. We kindly ask that all journalists ask permission if they would like to quote a Travel Gossip member in a story and credit Travel Gossip as the source. If either of these does not happen, we may remove those journalists from the group.

Our group rules are here to protect our members and ensure their experience of Travel Gossip is a positive one.

Travel Gossip Rules

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