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From beauty procedures to sports injury rehabilitation or weight-loss surgery, more Brits are going overseas for medical treatments, with Valencia proving a popular option – thanks to its easy access from the UK and its reputation for providing high-quality treatment.

The city by the sea is often acknowledged as one of the best in the world to live in, treatments can be more cost-effective than the UK, medical staff and centres score highly on international reputation, accommodation options are plentiful and there is much to occupy visitors while they are recovering from their treatment.

So, if a client ever mentions they fancy a face lift or a life-enhancing treatment, here’s why Valencia is a good option…

#1 It’s been voted the ‘healthiest city’ in the world

A recent study by Money.co.uk deemed Valencia the healthiest city on the planet.

That’s because it has year-round sunshine, an enviable climate and average temperatures of 19 degrees, low pollution levels thanks to the sea breeze that purifies the city’s air, over 5 million square metres of green areas, a relaxed lifestyle and an average life expectancy of 83.4 years.

#2 Wide variety of medical treatments, including…

Fertility treatments: Valencia’s fertility clinics specialise in assisted reproduction, in-vitro fertilisation, complex cases and male fertility problems, among other things.

Traumatology: the city has medical centres and hospitals specialising in traumatology, rehabilitation and orthopaedics.

Dental: Valencia claims to offer more affordable prices, excellent professionals and financing options.

Haemodialysis: the city has specialist centres that can treat chronic kidney disease.

Neurorehabilitation: treating stroke, trauma and any neurological problems.

Other treatments on offer are: ophthalmology; dermatology and beauty; weight-loss surgery and wellbeing.

#3 It has easy connections from the UK

The UK is very well connected with Valencia thanks to direct flights from London, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Belfast and Manchester airports.

Ryanair, British Airways, easyJet and Vueling serve those connections flying to Valencia Airport, just 10km (a 15-minute drive) away of the city centre.

Good connections, together with a  high quality standard of services at competitive prices, and the international reputation of professionals and facilities, make Valencia a top destination for medical purposes.

#4 Top-quality treatment and services

Valencia has gained a reputation for offering top-quality health services, which is one of the main reasons Brits choose to have their treatments here.

Valencia’s centres are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the most prestigious and demanding healthcare accreditation in the world.

The main service providers go through an exhaustive audit, which assesses healthcare quality, patient safety and the effectiveness and efficiency of care and support policies.

Visitors from the UK can be assured they’re in the best hands if they choose Valencia for their health treatment.

#5 Gastronomy

A Mediterranean diet, combined with fresh air and sunshine provides the perfect ingredients for rehabilitation.

Visitors can enjoy nutritious meals made with the freshest fruit, vegetables and seafood throughout the city.

It’s the birthplace of paella and has eight Michelin-starred restaurants.

The city is made for the enjoyment of outdoor life, whatever the season.

#6 It’s the perfect city break

In addition to its excellent medial services, Valencia is a good option for a city break – making it ideal for people who are rehabilitating and for their accompanying partners. 

The third-largest city in Spain has 135km of beach, 30 days of sunshine and 2,000 years of history, including three UNESCO World Heritage attractions – offering something for everyone.

Visitors can use both onsite and virtual visitor services, while a Valencia Tourist Card makes it easy to get around and enjoy heritage attractions, culture, festivals, eight natural parks and urban cycle lanes.

Find out more

The main hospital groups are: Quiron Salud and Vithas Hosptials  
The main DMC dealing with medical tourism is: Med Travel Co

For a comprehensive list of health centres and specialities, visit the Valencia Medical Destination website.

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