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In an ever-evolving travel landscape, the pursuit of revenue growth remains at the forefront for travel brands. While the journey’s end is traditionally marked by a flight’s touchdown or a hotel check-in, astute brands recognise that the voyage continues beyond these moments. Ground transport services, particularly ancillary services, are emerging as pivotal components in driving revenue per traveller.

Capturing the unchartered

As travel brands navigate the terrain of revenue opportunities, the spotlight is turning to ancillary service revenues, notably ground transport. Trusted brands have a unique advantage in competing for traveller spend, but are they seizing this opportunity?

Beyond the airport transfer

Ground transport services, often limited to airport-to-hotel transfers, represent only a fraction of a traveller’s potential spend. Estimates suggest that a mere 20-40% of traveller expenditures on ground services are captured if a brand offers solely standard airport transfers.

Adapting to changing traveller needs

Changing traveller behaviours and expectations demand a more nuanced approach. Competitive pricing, ease of purchase, and quality service are now key factors influencing buying decisions. Travel brands must evolve to cater to these changing dynamics.

Strategic considerations for travel brands

For travel brands to thrive in the ground transport sector, several critical considerations emerge:

  • Identifying the diverse journeys travellers undertake.
  • Offering convenient purchase opportunities.
  • Ensuring ease of service procurement.
  • Guaranteeing competitive pricing and service quality.
Exploring new frontiers

Opportunities abound for travel brands willing to explore new horizons in ground transport services. Consider services such as home-to-airport transfers, in-destination travel to various attractions, luxury services for special occasions, or budget-friendly options for cost-conscious travellers.

The hoppaGo advantage

At hoppaGo, we understand that providing ground transport services is not just about the journey; it’s about optimising revenue opportunities for travel brands. Our commitment is twofold: to empower travellers to seamlessly access ground transport services through their trusted brands and to ensure unparalleled satisfaction with every journey.

Empowering revenue growth

Our mission is clear – to create repeatable and sustainable revenue streams for travel brands by offering a diverse range of ground transport services. We believe in providing travellers with choices that transcend destinations, transportation types, and budget categories.

Communication is key

Effective and timely communication with travellers is our priority. Ensuring that services align with travellers’ expectations is not just a goal, it’s our commitment to elevating the overall travel experience.

The journey doesn’t end when the wheels touch down or the hotel door closes. It continues with every step a traveller takes, and at hoppaGo, we’re dedicated to ensuring that each step is a revenue-optimised, satisfaction-guaranteed experience for travel brands and their patrons.

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