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Bordering the American states of Montana and North Dakota to the south, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has much to offer British tourists searching for adventure in the great outdoors.

With its wide-open spaces, visitors who want to slow down and take their time are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Breath-taking landscapes feature throughout the province. In southern Saskatchewan, vast tracts of prairie grassland beneath endless blue sky create the perfect backdrop for a western-style ranch vacation.

In northern Saskatchewan, the picture is completely different. Pristine lakes and rivers (numbering almost 100,000) are framed by lush boreal forest. Exciting outdoor adventures and warm hospitality make every visit to Saskatchewan a remarkable experience.

Saskatchewan has more roads than any other province in Canada. Many of them lead somewhere interesting and that is why the journey is always part of the adventure.

Here’s a sample of some of what Saskatchewan has to offer:

#1 Wildlife and nature up close

White-tailed deer. Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Hamilton Greenwood

A trek through Prince Albert National Park takes visitors into Plains bison country. Be on the lookout for elk, moose, deer, wolves, bear and the countless species that inhabit this beautiful transition eco-region.

#2 Stargazing

Grasslands. Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Dave Reed

Grasslands National Park and Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, in southwest Saskatchewan, form Canada’s largest Dark Sky Preserve. In the north, brilliant Aurora Borealis commonly animates the night sky.

#3 First Nations history

Nineteen archaeological dig sites unveil the past at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a national historic site that echoes the stories of Indigenous peoples who gathered, hunted and worshipped here as long ago as 6,400 years.

#4 World’s largest T.rex

T.rex. Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Paul Austring

The world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex is on display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina and at the T.rex Discovery Centre in Eastend.

# 5 Rejuvenating waters

People travel from across Canada and beyond to soak in the mineral-rich water of Little Manitou Lake that has therapeutic qualities and remarkable buoyancy. It’s impossible to sink.

Wherever you travel in Saskatchewan, nature is never far away. Even at the centre of Saskatchewan’s major cities, Regina and Saskatoon, visitors are only minutes away from impressive landscapes and wide-open spaces.

Saskatoon is described as the best of both worlds – dynamic urban energy in sync with nature. Trendy neighbourhoods are home to craft breweries, a delicious food scene and express the city’s artistic and creative spirit.

Saskatoon. Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Chris Hendrickson Photography

Saskatchewan’s capital city, Regina, offers the perfect contrast between colourful history, serene natural surroundings and vibrant arts and cultural activities.

The stately Saskatchewan Legislative Building is situated in Wascana Centre, one of the largest urban parks in North America.

Within the 930-hectare park are the University of Regina, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Saskatchewan Science Centre and Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) where the world’s largest T.rex is on display.

The RSM is a world-class research institute in palaeontology, sustainability, Indigenous studies and biology.

Discover your inner cowboy. Ranch activities are suitable for beginners or experienced riders. Explore the open range and enjoy the picturesque landscapes along Lake Diefenbaker at La Reata Ranch.

This working guest ranch stretches more than 14km along the lake. Activities such as hiking, birdwatching, swimming, and relaxing on the beach offer a welcomed change after riding the range. In the evening, gaze at the starlit prairie sky or swap tales of adventures of the day at La Reata Saloon.

A visit to Historic Reesor Ranch near Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is an idyllic setting to create memories.

Experience wide-open ranges under big, blue living skies and majestic forests of pine and spruce, where unique alpine flowers and endless bird species can be found.

Historic Reesor Ranch has been home to six generations of the Reesor family and makes the perfect home away from home for a Saskatchewan adventure.

Find out more about Saskatchewan here.

Main photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Chris Hendrickson Photography

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