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Discover more about the UAE destination of Ajman. This hidden gem is the smallest of the seven United Arab Emirates. Visitors will be mesmerised by its sightseeing options, which include museums, beaches, forts, and shopping complexes.

Natural Sandy Beaches

With 16km of pristine shores, Ajman is widely regarded as having the prettiest natural beaches in the UAE.

The tranquil enclave is fringed by almost a mile of soft natural sand separated by the mouth of Ajman Creek.

One of the UAE’s best beaches, Ajman Beach runs the length of the town centre. If you like water sports, you can choose from windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding and paragliding.

Several resorts have their own sections of sand and offer non-motorised water sports as part of the package.

Great value hotels

Spreading out along the fine soft sands either side of Ajman Creek, Ajman’s clutch of luxury beach hotels is smaller, quieter and offers more value for money than some of its neighbouring emirates.

Well-known four- and five-star brands such as Fairmont, Marriott, Oberoi, Radisson Blu, Ramada and Wyndham all have a presence in Ajman, most with their own slice of sandy beach and offering a range of board options from room-only to all-inclusive.

Heritage District

The Heritage District is designed to preserve, highlight and promote the rich Arabian culture and history of Ajman. Visitors can explore streets named after poets while admiring street art depicting scenes of traditional life.

The mix of newly built and traditional buildings house coffee shops and tea rooms as well as shops selling items such as old coins, stamps and perfume. The area is also home to Ajman’s tallest flagpole. Ajman Museum, one of the oldest places in the Gulf, is located nearby.

Al Zorah Golf Club

This stunning 18-hole Al Zorah Golf Club is managed by Troon Golf in Ajman, just 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, and includes a large driving range, the very latest equipment and offers PGA pro golf tuition.

A world-class course set amidst a beautiful naturally preserved and protected environment of striking mangroves and lagoons, sheer tranquillity, of Al Zorah Nature Reserve.

Magically created by the famed Nicklaus Design group.

Ajman Museum

Housed inside an 18th-century fort, Ajman Museum forms the centrepiece of the emirate’s heritage district, which is currently being restored. The museum gives an insight into this pocket of authentic Arabia.

Once home to the ruler’s family, it’s now the UAE’s largest heritage museum with a stellar collection of exhibits including centuries-old manuscripts, antique weaponry, and locally excavated pottery dating back as far as 3,000 BC. The courtyard showcases the ancient irrigation systems and wooden dhows that the emirate was once famous for.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

The vast green coastal forests of Al Zorah Nature Reserve are perhaps the most unexpected sight in the UAE.

One of the attractions of Al Zorah is the tidal lagoon, an inland creek that extends over 2 square kilometres of biologically and ecologically rich wetland.  Designated a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention, the protected mangroves and wetlands are a haven for wildlife, providing a sanctuary for more round 60 different species of birds inhabit this ecosystem.

Visitors can explore with guided kayaking tours through its lagoons and waterways.

Ajman Marina

A prominent global tourist destination along the coast of Ajman, the city’s delight, is a wide promenade adorned with flower-decked food carts and decor inspired by the styles of the 1960s and 70s. This area also includes various visitor facilities, such as gift shops and food vendors. It’s a suitable spot for children, with numerous events held on the promenade and various entertainment options, including paddleboats, trampolines, and giant castles designed for kids.

Masfout mountains

The majestic Masfout mountains are part of the Hajar chain, which skims the north- eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. This hemmed-off enclave of Ajman can be reached via a cross-desert road trip that passes between rolling dunes before climbing into the foothills.

A cool retreat from the Arabian heat, offering stunning views, the area is a rugged and remote outdoor playground, perfect for hikes, mountain bike rides and wadi adventures. On a rocky precipice, the tiny tower-shaped Masfout Castle is an invigorating goal for trekkers.

New attractions

House of Rashid Al Khadhar

The original home of the famed Emirati poet Rashid Al Khadhar has been painstakingly renovated to reflect the emirate’s culture and heritage. Now restored to its original state, the house pays homage to the life of the talented writer and his contributions towards protecting Emirati heritage through this written art form and passing on these talents to future generations.

Souq Msharif

The newly transformed Souq Msharif, continues to uphold the city’s rich heritage, celebrating its identity, authenticity, and history. One of the most significant and oldest markets in the emirate, Souq Msharif has a deep connection with the local community and has been providing comprehensive services since the early 1980s. It stands as a prominent destination for residents and visitors, characterized by its vibrant atmosphere and round-the-clock activity.

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