Mallorca invites agents and visitors to get behind its pledge for responsible tourism

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Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for British holidaymakers and now it is asking them to back its pledge to make its tourism industry more sustainable.

Agents can help by making clients aware of the Balearic’s aim to ‘promote and shape an island where visitors and residents coexist, enjoy, experience and preserve the nature, values and beauty of Mallorca’.

While it isn’t suggesting tourists make any major changes, it is asking them to be a little more mindful when they travel.

Specific steps Mallorca is asking visitors to take include:

  • Not dropping their litter to preserve the beautiful natural environment of the island. It even suggests that they might pick up any other litter they see.
  • Sticking to hiking trails to avoid harming delicate eco-systems, such as by stepping on or uprooting delicate local plants and disturbing the native wildlife.
  • Cycling, walking and taking public transport or using electric vehicles are a great sustainable option when traveling around the island and visitors are asked to look out too for accommodation and services that have sustainable practices in place, such as reducing water consumption.
  • Show support for local farmers by opting for locally-grown produce, buying handmade crafts and local goods to bolster the island’s economy and help local communities to thrive. Local products they could sample include the Ensaïmada de Mallorca, a traditional yeasty pastry sold in bakeries right across the island, and the gató d’ametlles cakes made with Mallorca’s almonds. Locally-made souvenirs to take home include Palma Gin, the Hierbas bright green liqueur, locally-made leather goods and Mallorcan pearls.
  • When diving, snorkelling or enjoying watersports, avoid interacting with, touching or harming coral and marine species. When sailing, it’s important to not to drop anchor near the Posidonia meadows. Mallorca points out that you can appreciate the beauty of its seagrass meadow and marine species without causing them any harm.
  • Reducing plastic on the island is a crucial part of Mallorca’s mission, so tourists are asked to reduce, reuse and recycle. Remind clients to take a reusable water bottle with them, and remind them that they can recycle their waste on the island by using brown bins for organic matter, yellow for packaging, blue for paper and card and green for glass.
  • Finally, Mallorca is urging tourists to respect the local communities who live year-round on the island. “Keep in mind that this is your temporary shared space, so please ensure your vacation doesn’t disrupt your neighbours,” it says in its pledge for responsible tourism. “Respect established norms and conduct yourself as your would in the comfort of your own home. Take the time to learn and appreciate the rules of coexistence and the local culture with kindness and respect.”

Those would would like to support Mallorca’s pledge are invited to sign its pledge here.

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