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Oman is a fantastic year-round destination with so much to offer clients, whether they want an adventurous holiday in the mountains, to immerse themselves in its culture, or relax by the Indian Ocean.

How to sell Oman in winter

Winter is an ideal time to explore the historic attractions of Muscat, enjoy a beach break, or take an excursion into the desert.

A walk along Muscat’s Mutrah Corniche – a wide promenade that stretches along the Gulf of Oman on the northern edge of the city – gives visitors a feel for its waterfront. On the way, they can explore the Mutrah Souq, pause for sweet cardamon tea, known as karak chai, and marvel at the blue-domed 15th century Masjid Al Rasool Al Adham Shia mosque.

The Muscat Festival, taking place between January and February, brings a variety of open-air shows, including Omani music, dance and traditional arts and crafts to the city.

How to sell Oman in spring

Spring is the time to head to Jebel Akhdar, a mountain range just three hours’ drive from Muscat. From March to April the air is filled with the heady scent of roses in bloom. It’s also the perfect time to explore authentic Omani mountain villages, hewn into the rocks.

Alternatively, visitors can travel by traditional dhow (wooden boat) around the Musandam Peninsula, where the jagged peaks of the Hajar Mountains rise from the turquoise sea, leaving narrow inlets of water between.

The town of Khasab is a good based from which to arrange a whale and dolphin-spotting boat tour or snorkelling trips, or a 4WD safari to Jebel Al Harim, Musandam’s highest peak.

How to sell Oman in summer

You might think that summer is too hot to visit Oman, but the weather is perfect for beach holidays and, around September, nature-lovers will be thrilled to see turtles hatching on the beaches of Ras Al Jinz, in the east of the peninsula, which is one of the largest nesting sites in the Indian Ocean. You can see four different species of turtles here: the endangered Green Turtle, the Olive Ridley Turtle, the Loggerhead Turtle, and the critically endangered Hawksbill.

A great place to see the hatchings is the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, an eco-lodge with tented accommodation and a scientific centre devoted to marine research.

In summer, the arrival of the Khareef monsoon brings cooling rains and pleasant temperatures to the wild frontier region of Dhofar, transforming it into a tropical paradise. From the capital Salalah, visitors can explore ancient frankincense groves at Wadi Dawkah, which are part of the UNESCO-protected Land of Frankincense. Here, local people still harvest the prized tree resin that put this area at the centre of ancient trade routes.

How to sell Oman in autumn

Autumn – more specifically September to November – is whale shark season in Oman and, just a short drive and a boat trip from Muscat, the chain of nine uninhabited Damaniyat islands just off the Gulf coast present an excellent opportunity to view underwater sea life.

Dotted with calm, shallow coves and pristine beaches, the islands are home to turtles and other sea life as well as sharks, and a host of migratory birds. Ancient coral reefs thrive here, making it a prime spot for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Autumn is also a great time for guests to take part in other outdoor activities in Oman, including sailing in Sur during the Sailing Arabia Tour, hiking, and camping in the desert at the famed Sharqiya Sands.

In fact, there’s something for everyone in Oman, all through the year. To find out more, please visit and complete the course on the training website

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