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The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) will shortly unveil a new sustainability hub, shining a light on the sustainability initiatives across the country.

The destination is making changes to become as sustainable as possible and by highlighting some of the initiatives, hopes to inform travellers on the many ways to visit Greece responsibility, as well as inspire other tourism providers.

From islands now powered by renewable energy and plastic free, UNESCO protection for ancient sites and cultural practices, roads ruled by electric vehicles and bikes and destinations made more accessible for disabled travellers, to 3D printing using ocean waste, bags created from sails and invasive fish served in restaurants – modern-day Greek heroes are transforming the country and its tourism sector.     

Greece’s islands, cities and sites are trialling new initiatives and innovations and hope to become a blueprint for other destinations to follow.

In light of this, the hub will aim to inspire not only travellers, but also other Greek destinations looking to transform their tourism sector.

A useful new tool for the travel trade, the Sustainable Greece hub will shed light on a wide array of Greek tourism destinations, some of which are still relatively undiscovered in the UK market, as well as providing inspiration for new itineraries, particularly those focused on responsible travel.

GNTO UK & Ireland Director Eleni Skarveli said: “We’re seeing so many destinations across Greece, from tiny islands and major cities to regional municipalities and the private sector, step up to tackle issues around sustainability in tourism.

“It is truly inspiring and so we wanted to collate and share these positive stories. This hub is just the start, and we cannot wait to see it grow as more and more tourism partners take action and help us on our sustainability journey.”

The sustainability hub will focus on five themes: Sustainable Best Practices, Future Green Projects, Sustainable Initiatives, Sustainable Experiences and Sustainable Holidays in Greece.

Browsers can easily find information under each category and click through to individual pages to delve deeper.

Eco-conscious travellers searching for Greek holidays, will find inspiration, approved as responsible and sustainable and taking in some of the country’s most cultural, historic and beautiful places. 

The platform will be regularly updated with new stories, innovations and examples as the country continues on its sustainable journey.

The Sustainable Greece website will officially go live on 5 October 2022 and can be accessed here from the launch date.

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