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Love is in the air and, as every hopeless romantic knows, when you find ‘the one’, everything clicks into place. That’s how these agents feel about saying ‘yes’ to joining Hays Travel Homeworking. We spoke to five Personal Travel Consultants to find out why they love Hays Travel Homeworking so much…

Samantha Hale

Sam spent 20 years working in travel shops, followed by 10 years on cruise ships, where she worked her way up to Guest Relations Manager. She returned to the UK to manage a Hays store, but then decided to become a homeworker.

She says: “I have been with Hays PTC Lead Supported (PTCLS) for over two years and I love being my own boss, as I have more time to build a customer rapport and find the holiday that suits them best. I often receive lovely holiday pictures and messages to say how perfect their holiday has been, which makes my job all the better. 

“I can still travel and see new places, while building my business and, best of all, no more spending hours commuting to work. I now spend that time helping my customers. I was nervous to start my homeworking journey as I had always worked in a busy environment and I thought working on my own at home would be lonely. How wrong was I? The help and support that is available has been amazing. I have also built lovely friendships along my travel journey and I would honestly say it’s been the best career move.

“The team at Leads Supported are amazing. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today as the encouragement that is given is fabulous and makes you want to do better.”

Aaron Petty

“Being a PTC works for me, as it gives me a lifestyle blend of being balanced, active and having freedom to work when I want to. I’m able to work on a morning one day, and the evening on a next – meaning work revolves around my schedule and not the other way around – as well as allowing me to work around my clients. If they want a call at 9am, or 7pm, I can base my day around my working hours.

“It was an easy switch over for me, from working shifts between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday in a store-based environment to putting my own hours in place.

“With Hays being the largest independent agency, we benefit from the best commission levels, and this for me is super rewarding, knowing I’m doing the same work with the same tour operators, but being paid the most for my time.

“It’s nice to know that it’s always going to be my business, but we have the backup of a full head office support team guiding our businesses to get the best results.

“Our operations team looks after our documents and the customer services team looks after my clients when I want to completely switch off and relax on my own holidays with my family, or on one of the many educational opportunities we get at Hays Travel.

“If you fancy working your own hours, having a flexible lifestyle and getting the opportunity to visit places like Australia, Dubai and various Caribbean Islands all in a day’s work, Hays Travel PTC Homeworking offers just what you’re after.”

Danielle Dickens

“I joined Hays Travel’s academy programme in October 2022. This meant I was completely new to travel and they would provide me with the training I needed and on-going support. 

From day one I felt supported. It is great to be part such an amazing team, not only from the business development coaches but also everyone in head office and other PTCs – everyone is so supportive.

“I love being self-employed and working from home. It gives me the flexibility to work around my family, working the hours I want to do. The biggest plus is also being able to travel more. I know if I am out of the office on holiday my customers are in the safe hands of our amazing customer service team in head office.

“The reason I decided to join Hays Travel was for the name and the fact it is the UK’s largest independent travel company. I knew my customers would trust Hays and I would have the best commercial contracts available to offer them the best deals.

“I have had such an amazing first 12 months within my business and cannot wait to build my business further.”

Scott Cummings

“I joined Hays part-time while having a full-time job. I carried out extensive research and settled with what I thought – and still believe – is the best choice for many reasons, including the reputation of the brand, the support and the commission levels.  

“Since then, I have left the day job and work full-time with Hays Travel.  No regrets. I’ve never looked back. Help is always available from both your business development coaches and other agents in your team.”

Jo Nelson

“I would say Hays homeworking works for me as it’s so flexible around having a family, plus I can take leave for holidays whenever I want. I love the opportunities for travel and being rewarded for sales I make.

“Joining was the best decision I ever made.”

To find out more, call 0800 215 5045, email [email protected] or click here.

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