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With incredible landscapes, jaw-dropping volcanoes, dense forests, black-sand beaches and spectacular night skies, the Canary Island of La Palma is a unique destination that’s very different from its neighbours. 

Discover why La Palma is known as la Isla Bonita (the Pretty Island) …

Picture credits: Damian Martin Brito, Alejandro de Paz, Imanol Zuaznabar

#1 Outdoor activities

There are plenty of outdoor leisure activities on La Palma, including hiking, diving, canoeing, paragliding, boat trips and mountain running, making it an unforgettable experience.

#2 Untouched nature

Picture credit: Abian San Gil

The extraordinary natural wonders  of La Palma make it an island full of surprises, with  astonishing landscapes and indigenous flora and fauna species. Nature is the symbol of la Isla Bonita and its greatest attraction.

#3 Spectacular night sky

Picture credit: Imanol Zuaznaba

La Palma is a Starlight Reserve, meaning it is protected to avoid light pollution. That makes for spectacular nights on La Palma where stargazers can admire the constellations, planets and galaxies for an out-of-this world experience.

#4 Scenic diversity

There’s a panoramic view and jaw-droppingly beautiful scene everywhere you look on La Palma. With volcanoes, lush greenery, deep ravines, high mountains, cozy coves and small and charming villages, there is plenty to see in one small island.

#5 Black sand beaches and volcanic natural swimming pools 

La Palma isn’t a sun and beach holiday destination, but its beaches and pools make a wonderful addition to visitors seeking natural and active holidays. Go for a swim in volcanic natural swimming pool on the coast or relax on a black sand beach.

#6 Pleasant weather year-round

Picture credit: Saul Santos

La Palma offers cloudless blue skies and warm temperatures year-round – no hot summers and no freezing winters. La Palma is an island of microclimates so, while the mountains may get colder, on the coast the temperature and the breeze will be nice, 365 days a year.

#7 Delicious food

Agriculture plays an important role on the island and visitors will find plenty of local fruits and vegetables as well as other products such as delicious cheese and wine, confectionery and fish. Local cuisine on La Palma is simple and delicious. Tourists can find out more with a visit to one of the many markets and farmers’ markets all over the island.

#8 Rich cultural and artistic heritage

La Palma’s past has left its mark on the island. Visitors will find plenty of monuments, churches, manor houses and more, which tell the story of the the island and its magnificent artistic and cultural heritage.

#9 Fiestas

Fiestas play an important role on the life of the island and visitors are invited to join in the fun. The most famous, Los Indianos, is one of the most unique carnivals in the whole of Spain, attracting more than 80,000 locals, people from neighbouring islands and tourists including cruise visitors.

#10 Volcanoes and ‘the new land’

La Palma, like the rest of the Canary Islands, is volcanic. On 19 September 2021, the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted. The eruption lasted almost three months and, when the lava solidified in the sea, it formed a 500-metre lava delta, or fajana – the newest territory in Europe, along part of the western coastline of the island. The volcano, its cold lava flows and the fajana can be admired from many points on the island.

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Main picture by Van Marty.

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