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By Lisa James
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I am not alone in thinking that the time wasters we get in the office are the bane of every travel agent’s life.

A ‘client’  who – despite now having four quotes – has never actually booked anything with me, comes in at the end of October looking for a cruise departing in December 2022 and, after much research, he says we have found the ideal cruise at the perfect price.

He tells me he just needs to speak to the wife and he will be in to book.

Obviously, no further sight of him until he comes in again the other day to get a quote for a week in Spain to join some friends.

He has all the details, including a price from the online agency, which has thrown in free lounge access.

I ask him what happened about the cruise.

“Oh,” he says: “The wife went online to look at it and ended up booking it.

“We had a lovely time,” he adds.

Inwardly seething, I quickly quote for the latest time-wasting exercise and ensure it’s a good £200 per person more than the one he has brought in, as I’ve decided they are not the kind of clients I want or need.

He asks if I can print it off.

“No,” I reply, with no further explanation.

Off he goes, telling me he will be back in to get it sorted. Without realising I’m speaking out loud, I reply: “Yeah, yeah.”

As he leaves, I notice his work van parked outside, advertising his business and displaying all his details.

I do hope he enjoyed the 45-minute each-way drive to an address that doesn’t exist to quote for pressure washing a huge driveway.

Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold…

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