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By Lisa James
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We all have those really nice clients that sadly drive you mad.

Mine is a couple with a daughter in Australia who thinks she’s a bit of a flight expert, due to her signing up for Skyscanner alerts.

In come Mr and Mrs X looking for flights to Melbourne at Christmas.

Mrs X is armed with about 40 bits of paper that she’s made notes on from a Skype chat at 2 in the morning GMT, as this is the only time it suits daughter to speak to her mum.

Forgot to mention her mum’s nudging 80 and always looks like she could do with a kip.

Anyway, the dance begins. A flight’s been found by the daughter with 12 hours in Singapore, which they don’t like, but they do like the price, so can I do something about the long stopover? 

No, sadly I can’t.

“Well, she’s found this one,” I’m informed.

It’s on Vietnam Airlines with a 14-hour layover and the daughter’s informed them they can ‘do a tour’ in Vietnam in between flights.

Looking at them in front of me, I’d be surprised if they managed a coffee in the airport between flights as one’s on a walking frame and the other’s got a stick.

This option quickly dispelled, the next one’s even worse: United Airlines with two changes in the USA.

The price is good, but they are not keen on the Americans!

My pointing out that they would also need to overnight in LA on this bargain fare the daughter’s found is the final straw for them.

Mrs X, who I’ve always liked, tells me to see what I can get for them.

I get them a great deal on premium with Cathay Pacific, book them assistance, two seats on the side of the aircraft and even a lounge in Hong Kong both ways. 

Both are so pleased and seem relieved.

Deal done and off they go.

Next morning, they are back.

Daughter’s Skyped at 2am and has found the exact same deal for £37pp cheaper on Skyscanner and can I price match?

I sadly explain that I can’t as the Skyscanner prices are not always correct and the deal we secured was the best price at the time of booking.

Mr X hands me a bottle of Champagne and thanks me. He tells me the daughter insisted they come in, so come in they did, and he’s happily going to inform her that, in future, he won’t pay any attention to her ‘playing at being a travel agent’.

What’s more, he says he also intends to whittle down any inheritance she might end up with.

Bet my name’s mud in Melbourne….

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