Tales from the Secret Agent: The client gets the dates mixed up

By Lisa James
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Some people just never learn.

A couple came in the office March 2021 needing ‘help’.

The wife’s booked Malta as a late deal for her husband’s birthday with a well-known online agent.

However, to her horror, she’s just realised she’s booked it for 12 months later than she thought she had, she can’t get hold of anyone – or work out how to sort it out – and can I sort it?

I’m in a good mood and decide to see if we can indeed help.

I tell her the only way I can do anything is for her to log into her account and I can see what can be done from there.

Keyboard passed over I look at my ceiling while she types and says her password at the same time.

We’re in!

I’m actually quite impressed with the booking system of the online agent she’s used (the same one I’ve hated hearing mentioned for years) and I start scrolling through all the features.

“How’s it going?” she asks me, nervously, and I look over at the two sad, yet hopeful, faces in front of me and remember what I’m supposed to be doing.

It’s surprisingly easy to fix and only costs an extra £73.20 each, which she pays with her debit card.  Again, I admire my ceiling while she types her card details in to make the payment.

Crisis averted, I’m informed I have ‘clients for life’, and two grateful new customers head off to Malta.

Fast forward to October 2022 and she’s back.

They fancy a Christmas 2022 cruise and they are looking for a cheap deal.

An hour later, she’s decided on the perfect cruise and is going to go home and show Brian and will be back in the morning to pay.

The morning, of course, comes and goes without any sign of her. However, 10:30 that evening, an email arrives informing me that she found the cruise £35 cheaper each and that she can fly direct from Bristol – which I didn’t offer her – so she booked it online.

I know for a fact there’s no Bristol flight on her chosen date, but check just in case, and – what a surprise – there is a Bristol flight…. for 2023.

I expect to see them in the office shortly but this time I won’t be offering any assistance.

Fool me once ….

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