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By Lisa James
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The final days in the office before you go on your own holiday are always busy with the type of things you really could do without.

Man stands at my open door.

“How much to Bangkok?” he says, fag hanging out of his mouth. The clouds of smoke give him an air of an elderly Paul Daniels.

I relay the usual ‘When do you want to go,’ etc and get: “Oh just looking for a general price.”

Two minutes later and with a ‘general price’ created out of thin air, he’s gone.

I hate these types of clients.

I spent two days last week putting together an itinerary for a couple who could go ‘any time in October’, so imagine my face when I send them the quote and they tell me that the dates are no good as that’s the son’s wedding day!!

Sure, an appointment you have forgotten, or a meeting, but you would think they might mention an important family event.

The day before my departure, a client I’ve booked premium to Australia is on the phone.

He’s seen the same flights that they booked two months ago, now for £45 each cheaper and can he have a breakdown?

I’m close to having a breakdown myself, and tell him in no uncertain terms that when they booked, the price quoted was acceptable to them and there is nothing I can do.

I also mention that, if the price increases, shall I charge the extra to the card used for payment?

This stops him in his tracks and he says he understands.

I’ve also spent the day before I depart on the phone to a supplier for almost three hours.

It’s an unacceptable situation but what can we do?

I get through and am greeted by someone who clearly got out of bed the wrong side but I know if I say anything she doesn’t like, she can simply cut me off and I’m back to square one.

We dance the dance and the amendment is done.

I now want to tell her how I really feel, but decide we all get days like that and wish her a good weekend.

Southampton and the Fjords, here I come.

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