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By Lisa James
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If I hear the dreaded words: “I’ve seen it on Skyscanner” one more time, I swear I will lose the will to live.

Young lady calls me for flight-only to Antalya, which – of course – she has ‘seen on Skyscanner’ and wants me to beat the price.

It’s quickly established that she only needs hand luggage as it’s just a quick three-day visit because her husband’s booked in for a hair transplant.

The flights she has found are out Jet2 and back easyJet and I already know there’s no way we can match the price, let alone beat it.

After a quick check, I tell her the best we can offer is a slightly more expensive deal with Jet2 both ways.

Our price includes 10kg hand luggage, but it’s an offer that’s quickly declined.

Fast forward to the day of her return and the office phone rings.

It’s the same lady, who, I am informed, booked the flights herself.

She’s at Antalya airport and being charged £120 by easyJet as her hand luggage is too large and is there anything I can suggest?

I suggest she pays it…

Having a week away is always tricky when it’s just you and your partner running the business.

However, we do have an ex-travel agent who takes all our calls when we are out of the office.

Claire won’t mind me saying she’s been around the block and not a lot gets past her, so she will only contact us if she feels it’s an emergency.

This week’s dire emergency is a lady who is flying to Australia on Christmas Day and needs to know if she will be served a Christmas dinner on board.

I imagine she’s expecting a Pan Am-style offering from the 70s where the meat was sliced in the aisle next to your seat.

However, when Claire informs her that we have no way of knowing the catering offering of a certain flight, it’s obvious that is not the answer the lady was hoping for.

Unhappy with the response, she curtly instructs Claire that she will wait for my return and call in…

Can’t wait.

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