Tales from the Secret Agent: The wine-fuelled booking

By Lisa James
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A regular client sheepishly comes in to tell me that, in a wine-induced haze, she booked a trip to Salou with a well-known online agent.

She can’t remember if the price includes luggage and transfers as, when she books with me, everything is taken care of.

As I have booked her for years and she is a good client, I say I will take a look for her.

It goes quickly downhill when I see it’s Ryanair flights and the online agent advises if you want to do anything with the flights you are basically on your own.

It offers a link to register on the Ryanair site and add the things you want.

Oddly, the agent has set up a fake email address for her to access her FR booking, which reads something like: clientsname.fattyboumboum.com.

I’ve never heard of this before, but then these days nothing surprises me.

We manage to get in and find only the basic flight has been booked – no seats, luggage etc.

My client is asked if she wants to pay £20 to book seating and £98 for a checked-in bag.

All of a sudden, she doesn’t ‘love’ this holiday anymore and assures me she will only book with me in future.

I tell her not to be calling me half cut on a Saturday night looking for a ‘good deal’ as, with both of us on the wine, who knows where she might end up…..

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