Tales from the Secret Agent: The sea view

By Lisa James
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A regular client, who I’ve booked for years, opts for a nice family holiday in August for herself, her husband and their two children.

Deposit paid and a nice commission. Everyone is happy.

A few days later, she emails me to tell me her friend, who I have never met, would like to come on the same holiday with her husband and her two children and can I email the friend a quote?

No problem at all.

Quote is dispatched within the hour. A thank-you email is returned, along with a few questions: Who are the flights with? What are the flight times? etc.

These requests are replied to right away and now we wait…

As it happens, I don’t have to wait long as, that evening, I meet a friend who’s over from Spain in the local beachfront pub.

The sun’s out and all is well… until I hear a conversation between the couple that’s just sat down at the table behind me.

“Yes, so I have the prices for the holiday,” she tells her other half.

“And I managed to get all the details. So the local agent was £3,022 but, looking at the online agents, I have managed to get it down to £2,915.”

I realise, as she reels off the holiday particulars, that it’s the lady I sent the quotes to earlier.

I almost say something but decide against it as they start booking the holiday on their phone.

Same flights, basic room, coach transfers… A clink of glasses confirms the deal is done.

Back in the office the next morning, I upgrade my regular client to a private transfer – rather than the 90-minute coach transfer with an hour wait before it sets off – and switch them to a sea-view.

It all costs me to do it, but I still make a profit and, as they are regular clients, I know I will easily make this back on future bookings.

Just a shame I won’t be there to see her friend’s face when she sees my regular client gets the benefit of booking local…

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