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By Lisa James
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Have you ever wanted to take revenge on a client who’s tried to pull a fast one? If so, read on…

You need to get up early to get one past me – but that didn’t stop the ‘hate her on sight’ woman who came through my door this morning trying.

I’m informed in no uncertain terms that she’s far from happy as she’s been booked on the wrong return date for her flight home from Sydney.

I profess my apologies for this potential error and start to investigate.

She tells me she wanted to fly home on 2 May and her booking is for the 1st.

She adds she only realised ‘my’ error when she tried to book her taxi.

Alarm bells start to ring, as this doesn’t make sense.

I ask her if she has the itinerary that we hand over or email to all our clients. She says she never got anything from us and this was the first time she has been in the office.

I point out I have a copy of her passport, which – unless it appeared by some kind of divine intervention – means she must have been in the office at least once.

I also have a copy of the itinerary emailed to her and her reply thanking me for the confirmation.

Memory suitably jogged, she changes her tune and says that she now does have said paperwork showing 1 May but was waiting for us to confirm the change she had requested on the phone.

I knew I hadn’t dealt with her, so ask who she had spoken to.

“I can’t remember but it was a woman who was going to call me back,” she replies.

I inform her that there’s no one of the female form in our office so I’ve no idea who she thinks she has been talking to but I can get her a price to make the amendment .

This goes down like a lead balloon and when she’s informed it’s £352 to change the date her face drops even further.

She realises the jig is up and thanks me for my efforts but will leave it as it is.

I consider booking her a middle seat and a bland meal for her journey but I decide that seeing her red face as she got rumbled was reward enough….

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