Tales from the Secret Agent: The cash payment

By Lisa James
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A quiet Tuesday afternoon is disturbed by the arrival of two middle-aged Canadian customers who’ve just flown in and are looking to see ‘a bit of Europe’.

They’re pretty flexible and have worked out a basic itinerary that I’m informed may need  ‘a little fine tuning’.

The back of a fag packet is handed over and the itinerary on it reads like the final scoreboard at the Eurovision Song Contest.

I’m assuming they are allowing 12 months to fit all this in, but it’s no surprise they tell me it’s a nine-day trip they are after.

Like a geography teacher, I’m up out of my seat and pointing to the huge map on the office wall, showing them the amount of zig-zagging they are trying to fit in on this grand tour of Europe in just a few days.

To be fair, they admit it may have been over-ambitious and ask for my advice.

It’s quickly narrowed down to a much more do-able trip to Lisbon, Venice and Paris – the three places they’ve always wanted to see.

Booking made, it’s time for the payment.

I’m asked if cash is ok (it is) and out comes a wad of Canadian dollars.

I quickly inform them we don’t accept foreign currency as payment and they respond with a jaunty ‘no problem’.

The Canadian dollars are dumped back into the lady’s handbag, and she promptly gets out a wad of euros…

It’s going to be a long afternoon.

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