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A client who likes the finer things in life calls in to book a 14-day trip to the Caribbean. She can only travel on a specific date in January and wants to go business class. Accommodation will be in a lovely five-star hotel.

It all adds up to a £19,000 booking, so there’s no lack of effort on my part. Except the problems begin right from the off.

First hurdle is that all the business-class seats on her requested British Airways flight to Antigua are sold out on her preferred departure date. This doesn’t go down well and she asks me if I can call ‘someone’ at BA to get her two seats, since she simply must travel on this date. 

I quickly wonder if Lord King is still in the land of the living so I could give him a ring. For a moment I consider giving it a quick Google, but I’m sure he passed away some years ago.

Instead, I opt for telling her that there is simply no point, seeing as all the seats are gone. This goes down like a lead balloon. When I suggest premium economy, I think I may need to get the defibrillator out.

I offer ‘premium’ going out, carefully removing the word ‘economy’ from the title to make it sound grander than it is, and business class coming back. She’s not sure but will check with her other half and get back to me.

Next morning she’s back in the office with a change of plan. All of a sudden her essential dates are no longer set in stone and she can  leave a week later. Everything’s available and a booking is quickly secured. 

Voilà… we’ve got one happy client.

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