Tales from the Secret Agent: The business class flight

By Lisa James
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A panicked phone call from inside an Air France business class cabin this afternoon from a client preparing to take off in the next 30 minutes.

The flight’s obviously had a change of equipment and now my client’s expected flat beds are no longer flat beds.

I’m asked what I can do and, rather than inform him right away that the best thing he can do is make full use of the Champagne all the way to Tokyo, I tell him I’m also furious and will ring Air France and call him back.

This placates him and I hang up.

Knowing I’ve more chance of getting Eurovision tickets than getting hold of anyone at Air France, I decide to wait a few minutes and then call him, so I book a Jet2 holiday for another customer and make a coffee.

Then I call him back.

“I’ve been on to Air France,” I lie.

“And they have made a change to the aircraft but have assured me the return leg will be of the flat-bed variety.”

“Well let’s hope so,” he says, “as this is like premium economy and I’m not happy.

“They shouldn’t promise something they might not deliver.”

“No,” I reply wearily. “They shouldn’t.”

He finishes by telling me Air France will get ‘both barrels’ when he gets back.

At this point I’m imagining a young French model-type stewardess quietly calling airport security to have the armed man removed.

I do hope I’m wrong and I decide against the Champagne comment, assuring him the guys at Air France will make sure he has a lovely flight.

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