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By Linsey McNeill
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SeaWorld Orlando has released details of its newest attraction, Penguin Trek, which will open in spring next year.

The twisting-turning coaster features a ‘snowmobile-style ride through the Antarctic’, travelling at a speed of up to 43mph across a 3,020-foot indoor-outdoor track.

The coaster comes to a halt in the heart of SeaWorld Orlando’s penguin habitat.

“This family launch coaster embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, offering an immersive journey through the wonders of Antarctica while further connecting our mission and commitment to our animal care, education and research,” said SeaWorld Orlando President Jon Peterson.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld San Diego will have a new ‘Jewels of the Sea’ jellyfish exhibit next year. The first of its kind for SeaWorld parks, the immersive and interactive Jellyfish Experience will have three unique galleries, allowing guests to see how different types of jellyfish live in the ocean.

Dr Chris Dold, Chief Zoological Officer of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment said: “Visiting the new Jellyfish Experience is an amazing opportunity like no other – a chance for our guests to see up close the spectacular details of these underwater marvels and witness how they live their lives in astonishing clarity. Guests will walkthrough striking habitats and view vivid displays to learn more about these wonderful creatures. This new exhibit aligns with our mission of educating and inspiring guests to learn more about our oceans and the world around us.”

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