Lusso launches first Europe and North Africa brochure

By Lisa James
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Trade-only luxury tour operator Lusso has launched its first ever Europe & North Africa brochure.

Senior Product Manager for Europe & North Africa Helen Brown said: “The new brochure is a departure from our traditional style. It’s not a catalogue of hotels – you can find them on our website – but rather a flavour of what the region has to offer, filled with destination guides, don’t-miss experiences and suggested itineraries.”

Managing Director James Weaver said: “Rather than pages of hotel information, the new brochure includes a single hotel directory for each country featured, listing all our hotel partners at the time of going to press.

“But as this may change during the lifetime of the brochure, the directories also include a QR code taking agents and their clients to our website, where they’ll always be able to find our most up-to-date hotel listings.

“Brochures are still a key sales tool used by many of our agents, however it is important to us that they are more sustainably produced. We’ve chosen neither to date the brochure nor to price hotels or itineraries, thus giving the brochure a far longer shelf life and greatly reducing any chance of wastage.”

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