World leaders ‘advised to fly to funeral on commercial flights’

By Linsey McNeill
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Foreign heads of state travelling to London for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral have allegedly been advised to travel on commercial flights.

They have been advised not to fly on private jets, such as the US President’s Air Force One (pictured above) due to fears of the air space and airports in London becoming too congested, according to leaked documents obtained by the news organisation POLITICO.

Private jets will also not be allowed to land at London Heathrow, where capacity for scheduled flights has been severely restricted throughout the summer due to staff shortages.

Instead leaders who insist on flying by private jet have been told they must use alternative air fields.

And they won’t be able to travel around London by helicopter due to demands on UK air space.

The funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey on 19 September, which has been declared a Day of National Mourning in the UK.

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