Woman who hit the headlines for her whirlwind trips to Spain becomes a homeworker

Rebecca Ratcliff
By Harry Kemble
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A woman who hit the headlines after organising two daytrips to Lanzarote and Ibiza for her and her pals has decided to become a travel agent.

Manchester-based Rebecca Ratcliff (third right) appeared on GB News after her whirlwind trip to the Canaries in January and on ITV’s This Morning after travelling to Ibiza with five fellow mums for just a few hours of fun in the sun last month.

Talking to Rebecca on air, GB News presenter Phil Davies said: “I think you should start up a business of actually encouraging people where to go for the best day out, what the most exotic day out is, you are obviously well organised, do you not think something big could come from this?”

Rebecca told him she ‘would absolutely welcome’ the idea and revealed to Travel Gossip that she has since signed with InteleTravel.

The former pre-school swim teacher said the experience of booking the 19-hour Ibiza trip for her and friends was ‘fulfilling’ and ‘ignited a fire’ inside her.

She said she was approached by an InteleTravel agent, who she declined to name, who saw her @Onlymums TikTok and Instagram posts from her daytrip to Lanzarote.

“I would not go into this lightly. I’ve been doing the training and juggling that with childcare – I want to be thorough. I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial, savvy and searched for good deals,” she said.

“I was aiming to launch at the end of April. Every day is a military operation now – it’s crazy.” 

Rebecca, whose children are 11, nine, six and three, hopes to employ other mums once her agency is launched.

Already she says she’s received a list of booking enquiries  as ‘long as my arm’ and she just needed to choose from a list of three brand names and decide which logo to use before she could launch the business.

Rebecca said she has deliberately ‘slowed down’ her InteleTravel training due to childcare commitments but she added: “I felt that the training was done so thoroughly.

“I looked at couple of other places, I did my research, but I was drawn to [InteleTravel]. When InteleTravel approached me that was it for me. I wanted it to be the right company.”

She added: “I will sell a range of holidays and if spot a niche deal I will put it out there [on social media] like lightening. 

“Everyone will be able to book through me. I’m happy to book specialist niche groups or families. I don’t want to book holidays just for mums.”

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