Wizz promises to pay overdue claims by Christmas

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By Lisa James
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Wizz Air has apologised and said it will clear the backlog of claims and outstanding payments by passengers in time for Christmas, after the Civil Aviation Authority stepped in.

The CAA acted after receiving high volumes of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) complaints and delays in paying passengers what they are owed.

The CAA’s latest data show Wizz Air was the worst airline for complaints escalated to either ADR schemes or the CAA’s in-house complaints team in the third quarter of 2022, with 811 complaints per million passengers. 

With the exception of Royal Brunei Airlines which has 555 complaints per million passengers, other airlines had less than half as many complaints, and many significantly less.

The regulator also questioned the time Wizz Air was taking to process claims received directly from passengers, and the large number of County Court Judgements (CCJs) which have been found against Wizz Air and remain unpaid. 

Wizz Air has acknowledged and expressed regret over the problems told the CAA it will clear the backlogs of claims and outstanding ADR payments by Christmas.

The airline is also working to identify and conclude all outstanding CCJs.

CAA Head of Consumer Policy and Enforcement Anna Bowles said: “Passengers have every right to expect their complaints and claims to be resolved quickly and efficiently and to be treated fairly by airlines.

“The volume of complaints and claims received by ADR in respect of Wizz Air is far higher than those seen for other airlines.

“This, alongside the delays in processing and paying claims and the large number of County Court Judgements made against Wizz Air, has raised significant concerns for the CAA.

“We have made it clear to Wizz Air that its behaviour is unacceptable and that we expect overdue complaints and claims to be resolved in advance of Christmas.

“We understand the payment of County Court Judgements may continue into January, but we are encouraging Wizz Air to ensure that the payment of these is also prioritised. We will continue to monitor the situation. Where we have evidence that an airline is letting passengers down, we won’t hesitate to take further action where required.”

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