Wizz Air announces plan to power flights with human waste

Flights powered by human waste
By Linsey McNeill
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Wizz Air has reached a $1billion deal with an Essex-based company to produce sustainable jet fuel from human waste.

Firefly Green Fuels, which has developed a process to convert the waste from sewers into fuel, plans to build a pilot facility in Harwich shortly, followed by a first-of-a-kin commercial-scale plant ‘soon after’.

It has secured an agreement with Anglian Water to provide ‘feedstock’ that will be converted into the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which, according to research from Cranfield University, produces 92% lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

It’s deal with Wizz is to provide up to 525,000 tonnes of SAF over 15 years from 2028.

“Processed human sewage is a globally available resource that carries tremendous potential to support the decarbonisation efforts of aviation,” said Wizz, which is aiming to power 10% of its flights with SAF by 2030.

Environmental, Social and Governance Officer Yvonne Moynihan added: “Being the leading airline in Europe for environmental sustainability on a per passenger basis, we hold SAF as a core component to our sustainability strategy. 

“It’s a subject that we, as a business, are deeply passionate about. Our strategic vision is long-term, and we take pride in being at the forefront of reducing emissions intensity globally.”

Firefly plans to be in commercial operation by the end of the decade.

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