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By Linsey McNeill
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Japan Airlines (JAL) is telling passengers on flights to and from the UK that they can make an ‘ethical choice’ to skip their inflight meal.

It suggests that passengers who’d prefer to sleep on the flight and those who want to reduce food waste should choose the Meal Skip option on its website to 25 hours before departure.

The ‘JAL Ethical Choice Meal Skip Option’ was first tested on flights from Tokyo to Bangkok, but it is now available on all long-haul services, including flights to and from the UK.

While the airline isn’t offering passengers who choose to skip their meal a fare reduction, it does say it will donate ‘a certain amount’ for each passenger who selects this option to its TFT Program to provide free school meals in developing countries.

According to international airline body IATA, passenger flights generate about six million tonnes of waste every year, 20% of which is unwanted food and drink.

In a statement, JAL said: “In order to pass on a prosperous planet to the next generation, the JAL Group is committed to making every flight sustainable and transforming air travel into a value to be proud of, by aiming to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

“As part of this, we will further expand our various inflight meal initiatives to achieve SDGs.

“This service, which helps reduce food waste while allowing passengers to rest comfortably in the cabin, and has been well received by customers, especially those who board late-night flights, who say they are glad to be able to take a good night’s rest.”

Passengers who select the ‘no meal’ option will still be served other drinks and snacks.

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