Why Reuben’s Retreat Nicola plans to ‘dine out’ on TV quiz appearance

By Lisa James
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Reuben’s Retreat CEO Nicola Graham says she plans to ‘dine out’ on her recent TV quiz appearance after successfully answering more questions than husband Mike, who was also on the show.

The couple, who founded the charity in memory of their son, appeared on new TV quiz The 1% Club this weekend.

In the quiz, 100 contestants play against each other to answer questions, with the last player standing getting the chance to win up to £100,000.

Contestants can appear on the quiz with someone they know, but everyone plays for themselves.

Nicola went out mid-way through the show, but told presenter Lee Mack she was overjoyed she’d stayed in longer than Mike, who got a question wrong in an earlier round.

Mike’s light is turned off

Nicola told Lee: “I’m going to dine out on the fact that I got further than my husband, who thinks he’s top 2% of the country.

“He always says he dumbed down for a comprehensive school girl and he’s a grammar educated boy.”

Host Lee said: “I’ve never known anyone on this show to be so delighted that someone they’re on the show with is out.”

Mike, who went out on question number two, told Lee: “Even when you came up with the answer I didn’t know the answer.”

Lee replied: “You still didn’t know afterwards? A grammar school education?

“Do you know there’s a bit of me that’s glad he’s out?”

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